HAMENZ Piston Rings

Ring Types

* Hamenz piston ring sets are designed to suit and fit on both original and replacement pistons.

* Hamenz produces a wide variety of compression rings, such as: Keystone , inside bevel, taper faced and scraper type compression rings.

* Hamenz product – mix covers also oil rings, such as chrome plated rings, with or without coil rings, besides the normal design...


Ring Materials

* Hamenz has its own modern foundry which in view of its capacity in controlling the production parameters allows the manufacture of different cast iron materials.
The high quality and consistency of such materials are achieved by using the most advanced testing techniques, such as the spectrometer.

* Hamenz manufactures piston rings single or double oval formed sand castings for regular iron.

           -( K1 Standard ) characterized by its inherent wear resistance and good machine ability.

           -( K4 IKA ) characterized by Heat – Treated high tensile, martens tic gray iron.

           -( K9 KV1 ) characterized by Ductile cast iron (sometimes called nodular or spherulitic

graphite cast iron) combines the processing advantages of gray cast iron with the engineering advantages of steel. Ductile iron has good fluidity and cast ability, excellent mach inability and good wear resistance. In addition Ductile cast iron has a number of properties similar to those of steel such as: high strength, toughness, ductility, hot work ability and harden ability. A piston ring having these properties is most suitably used for the first groove ring.


       STD.         Standard Material (K1) 

       ST            Steel

       H              High Tensile Cast Iron (K4)

       SP            SPheroid Cast Iron (K9)


Surface Treatment

Hamenz factory comprises, among others, an up to date computerized coating facility equipped with systems for black oxidant manganese and zinc phosphate as well as the chrome plating. A thin layer of hard chromium on piston rings increases their wear resistance.

Coating and Surface Treatment

       C              refer to Chromium plated piston ring
       M              refer to Molybdenum plated piston ring
       P              refer to Phosphate plated piston ring
       FE            refer to black oxide plated piston ring


Hamenz products of piston rings covers the range from 55 mm to 150 mm for all varieties of gasoline & diesel engines:- Toyota, Isuzu , Chevrolet etc…..   

Hamenz Castings:

Besides piston rings, Hamenz produces different castings by making use of foundry facility for better utilization of the available capacity.

We provide the local market with different products such as:

1- Rough grinded semi finished rings (Ring manufacturers in USA, Europe...).

2 – Trucks wheels hubs (General Motors.)

3 – Valve plates & crank shafts compressors (Zanussi Compressors)

4 – Under carriage components (for different automotive companies)

5 – Other different casting of grey and spheroid cast iron