Hamenz piston ring sets are designed to suit and fit on both original and replacement pistons. Hamenz produces a wide range of compression rings .

The Company was founded in 1995 by George Teriak Eid. The factory has been built in 6th October City / 25 Kilometers from Cairo on an area of 10,000square meters .
The essential functions of piston rings are to seal the combustion gases within the cylinder and to control lubrication. Modern internal combustion engines tend to have higher pressures and speeds.

HAMENZ has its own modern foundry, which allows the manufacture of different cast iron materials. The high quality and consistency of such materials are achieved by using the most advanced testing techniques.

Hamenz has been established to manufacture piston rings according to the International Standards to cover the local and international demands using the most advanced technology, highest quality and competitive prices, to be able to export its products worldwide.