*Hamenz  has been  established to manufacture piston rings according to the international standards to cover the local and international demands using the Most advanced technology, highest quality and competitive prices, as well as exporting its products worldwide.

*The use of  this high quality products piston rings  is  essential for high-grade and professionals of engines repair.
Hamenz piston rings sets meet the highest quality requirements and ensure optimum operation due to the finest turned operation which insures the right inter-action with other engine components.

*Hamenz Company casting and manufacturing piston rings covering the dimension range from 55 – 150 mm, with capacity of 6 million piston rings per annum.

*Hamenz uses the most advanced technology in foundry, manufacturing process and quality. Those processes are in line with the German D.I.N standards and equipped with utilizing the up to date Swiss CNC machines which insures the highest quality and quality assurance. Also the inspection procedures and their instrumentation delivered from Dimaco – Switzerland to insure the quality consistency.

*Hamenz  uses the resources of the technical assistance is from  the following Companies:

Dimaco – Switzerland
in manufacturing and quality assurance in Line with the German D.I.N standards, Daros – Sweden in manufacturing and quality assurance in line with the German D.I.N Standards and Bertoldo–Italy for foundry and casting.

*Hamenz has been approved from the automotive standard association in some Countries abroad such as England, Turkey, Russia and many states in U.S.A and Europe.

*Hamenz ferrous foundry consists of a very advanced sanding station which as a computerized sand preparation unit and mixer from Germany. The molding machines are very efficient and very precise to produce the castings within the international standards.

A medium frequency induction furnace from USA with a very high quality for Producing cast iron blanks by using the single and the double casting techniques.

The laboratory is been equipped with a sand lab, instrumentation and metallographic tests, beside a modern spectrometer for chemical composition analysis.